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Ergonomics focuses on designing and improving the work environment to match the needs of the user and therefore facilitating reliable performance and user acceptance.  Ergonomic input is valuable at any life cycle stage.  Ergonomics is of most value at the design phase were user requirements can be defined and the system (cost effectively) designed to facilitate the users needs. 

Marshall Wilson has extensive experience in establishing user requirements and related design specifications at all design phases.  We also assess established systems to establish if they meet ergonomic best practice and or regulatory standards.  Often, an ergonomic assessment of an established system requires a form of cost benefit assessment and Marshall Wilson are proficient in prioritising ergonomic improvements, with an ALARP basis.

Good ergonomic design facilitates safety performance and operational effectiveness, by taking account of the limits and capabilities of the user.  Preventing staff errors or overload via good ergonomic design protects the organisation from costly repercussions that stem from human error and or employee led litigation.  Many safety critical industries are required to demonstrate ergonomic best practice within their safety justification and demonstrate how operations have been designed to reduce human error and facilitate effective performance

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