| Marshall Wilson Tools & Techniques

Marshall Wilson Ltd uses tried and tested Human Factors Techniques.  Where necessary techniques are adapted or tailored to meet specific client needs. Typical techniques include:

We have also developed our own tools where we feel existing techniques do not assist with what we want to achieve for our clients.

Marshall Wilson Ltd has developed ‘TOP’ which is essentially an Organisational Human Factors Health Check tool.  The ‘TOP’ approach identifies key performance strengthes and areas for improvement. This tool provides a detailed assessment of the effectiveness of the client’s Human factors.

We also have a culture shaping tool CATALYST which offers a 6 step approach to create the business leadership strategies, system /processes and ultimately organisational culture that delivers higher performance and tangible bottom-line improvements.

Our Emergency Response Tool SERP provides our clients with Sustained Emergency Response Preparedness.  SERP incorporates Emergency Plan Training, Emergency Plan Table Top Testing, Emergency Plan Live testing.

ESP is our tool used to support Electronic Staff Profiling.  Staff profiling involves identifying the task and person requirements to facilitate the successful achievement of company goals.