| Manage Change and Growth

Marhall Wilson can support organisational change.  All organisations change whether this change stems from organic growth or directed change management.  At Marshall Wilson we believe that a critical element of any organisational change is ‘Human Factor Baseline’ and ‘Key Performance Indicator’  measurement.  Organisations need to establish a baseline assessment to enable them to measure the success of change.  Once a baseline has been established a company will have a clearer picture of areas of success and weakness and will be able to knowledgeably direct and manage their change. 

Change management is not just about systems and processes it requires strong leadership to direct it and good organisational culture to support it.  Marshall Wilson are able to support each of these elements as we have a strong background in all of the three areas: (1) Systems & Process Change Management, (2) Leadership Development, (3) Culture Improvement.

We manage change and growth differently from other consultancies as we tackle change from the top down – via leadership reinforcement and also from the bottom up – focused on the task, the organisation and the person.  This approach provides sustainable change as it changes systems and not just behaviors.  Our consultants are all psychologists, skilled motivators and system improvement experts with extensive experience in business improvement

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