| Controlling Risks and Managing Safety

Controlling risks and managing safety is core to our service offering, given our heritage in safety critical industries.  A Human Factors strategy sets the standard for Human Factors integration across all areas of an organisation and provides a Human Factors ‘road map’ for the organisation to follow.  Human reliability & violation assessments are useful tools to control / mitigate risk or as post accident review tools as part of a wider root cause analysis.  Controlling risk from a Human Factors perspective can be applied to any sector within an organisation, operations and maintenance are two key focus areas.  

Marshall Wilson recognises the importance of improving Human Factors at the level of systems and process but also advocates the importance of Safety Culture in achieving real, sustainable safety improvements.  We apply a culture shaping tool CATALYST which offers a 6 step approach to create the business leadership strategies, system /processes and ultimately organisational culture that bring about higher safety performance.

This is an example of the type of work we do in this area:

Controlling Risk and Managing Safety is a fundamental element of any business simply because it:

Our Capability
Marshall Wilson specialises in this area and has a long history of Controlling Risk and Managing Safety for safety critical industries.  We have extensive experience in the Nuclear and Rail Industry and have also worked in Oil and Gas and Aviation.